Friday, December 23, 2011

Season's Greetings

Wishing everyone a happy holidays and an exciting new year from Ellen's Investment Club!

What lies ahead? RBC analyst predicts the economic outlook in 2012:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Survey Summary.Dec 2011

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much to those who completed the survey - a summary of the results is outlined below.   This survey  reinforces the needs of the group and it clearly highlights that members are most interested in analyzing stocks as well as reviewing bond investing strategies as a second priority.  The remaining  three categories in question #1 are listed in priority sequence. As part of company reviews we can discuss components of the analysis such as P/E ratio, debt/equity ratios, etc. 

 In regards to guest speakers there were a number of suggestions and I recommend we pursue some of the suggestions and create a separate meeting date for guest speakers...possibly on the months we are not scheduled to meet and also invite other clubs to these meetings. 

 It appears that we will not be participating in the Investopedia challenge ...some of us have taken part in this and it was a lot of fun but it does require commitment from members.

We will take some time at our next meeting  to discuss our treasury and other comments.

Part of the agenda will include book and article reviews so please let me know if you would like to present any information on things you have read which will be part of the education portion of our meeting.

To prepare for our January meeting,  please let us know if you would like to present information on a specific company by using our standard Stock Review  Form  (you can find this form on our blog under home page).  If you prefer you can email me directly at  with any information you would like to share at our next meeting.


What investment topics are you most interested in discussing at the Share Club meetings over the next year ?
  1.         Analyzing stocks (more by fundamental analysis but perhaps using some basic  technical analysis techniques as well)
  2.          Bond investing  (pros and cons of bond ETF vs individual bonds, how to invest in bonds – choosing, laddering, pitfalls to avoid)
  3.          Stock investing strategies (value investing vs growth investing, the strategies of successful investors)
  4.      Portfolio management  (asset allocation, measuring performance of portfolios)
  5.          How to trade options

Do you have any recommendations for guest speakers?
  •         Rob Carrick (Globe and Mail)
  •        Alison Griffiths (Toronto Star)
  •         Gail Bebee (author of   “No Hype Investing”)              
  •         Speakers like Tom Bradley who manage portfolios
  •          Larry Birman
  •           Dennis Mitchell

Are there any areas of investment training/education you would like to include in our regular meetings?
  •          Training in different types of investing
  •          DRIPs
  •          Practice applying ratios for analyzing and comparing stocks, ie. P/E, debt/equity ratio, ROE
  •          Book reviews on investing techniques – discuss these and practice applying them
  •           Investing in U.S. stocks – what are the tax implications, currency issues

Are you interested in participating in the Investopedia Challenge?
  •           84% of respondents indicated NO – it was either too complicated or did not have time

We have approx $400 in the treasury.
  •         Lower fees
  •        Refreshments once or twice a year
  •       Leave about $300 in the float – remaining $ can  be for coffee, dessert or pizza
  •       Continue as is

Other Comments
  •         Hold meetings at member’s homes, therefore, eliminating costs
  •          Meetings at member’s homes provides a casual atmosphere (person holding the meeting provides refreshments and also allows for flexibility of time – meetings usually go for 3 hours)
  •          Finds the present location easy to get to, lots of parking and affordable
  •         Prefers to have the meetings at current location –  perfect for public  transit.  Member homes may be more difficult to get to using public transit – also there is a cost to supplying refreshments when you are hosting

Saturday, December 3, 2011

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