Monday, March 11, 2013

Investment Club Meeting on March 19, 2013

Ellen's Investment Club

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
6:00pm - 8:30pm
Independent Investor Institute
5160 Yonge St. Suite 1870, Toronto

Cost: Free

Just a reminder our March session will be held at at the Independent Investor Institute, 5160 Yonge St. Suite 1870, Toronto and starts at 6:00pm.

Ziad Jasani will be our host and guest speaker and will lead a hands-on demonstration using the live terminals using to show you how to apply technical analysis to apply technical indicators on charts as well. 

Seminar Topic: How to find low risk high reward trades to improve your portfolio's results:

  • Understanding how to evaluate Market & Sector risk (Risk Ladder)
  • How to identify when a stock is expensive vs. cheap (Market levels / Support & Resistance)
  • How to identify when a stock is trending vs. oscillating (Trendlines & Oscillators)
  • How to determine if the bulls or bears are in control (Candle stick behaviour & patterns)
  • Determining when a position in your portfolio is getting expensive or cheap (Relative performance)
  • How to use market scanners and filters to find attractive trading targets (Finviz, Larry's Daily Tool)
  • Using ETFs to build a risk adjusted portfolio (Relative performance - Using sector ETFs)
  • Calculating and Interpreting your Risk Reward Ratio before you make a trade (RRR)

Since the Institute is limited to 32 seats, the meeting has been added to its website as an event.  If you wish, you can register following the registration instructions which follow:

Registration Instructions:

  • Cut and paste the following URL to go to the schedule:
  • Click on "Ellen's Investment Share Club" within the calendar
  • Then select "Single Registration"
  • Click the RED “Next” Button on the right of the screen
  • Fill out the short survey and then enter your details
  • An electronic ticket will be emailed out to everyone that completes the registration with details on location and timing.

Thank you.



  1. Hi I filled out registration as per instructions. Once I get to the last step which is completion of the survey, the screen freezes. It might be my explorer version, I just updated recently. Wondering if anyone else is having issues?

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